Leadership Conferences

Need and Opportunity

Over the years, God has raised an army of Indian ministers who actively serve in His kingdom work. These men and women have dedicated their lives to toil in the field serving the people and winning souls for the kingdom. These men and women need to be encouraged, equipped and built up in order to continue fulfilling God’s call on their life.

How it Works

We conduct leadership conferences in different part of India twice a year, in the fall and the spring seasons. These conferences are designed to equip, encourage and build up these leaders who spend their life serving the people. Gifted teachers focus on teaching principles of worship and leadership. Participants receive rich teaching, personal ministry, and learn to flow in the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.  These opportunities are made available to participants free of charge and open to all those who are currently serving.


Thousands of pastors have attended these conferences and the impact is phenomenal. Most of these pastors do not have formal training in Biblical studies and these conferences provide them with the training necessary to carry on their ministry. The worship they experience and the teaching they receive transform and strengthen them to go back into their communities and draw others to the faith and worship of a living Savior.

What you can do

This is an excellent opportunity to support a front-line missionary who needs the encouragement and revitalization to carry on the mission. For a small contribution of $30.00 you can sponsor a national minister to attend a worship conference and positively impact the nation of India for Christ.

God is at work in India, let us partner with Him…

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