Leadership Conferences

Need and Opportunity

Over the years, God has raised up an army of national leaders who are actively serving the Lord in India. These men and women have dedicated their lives to toil in the field and winning souls for the kingdom. It is critical that these men and woman remain in ministry, continue to preach the Gospel, and win souls for the kingdom.

How it Works

Our conferences are designed to equip, encourage and build up national missionaries who spend their life preaching the Gospel, planting churches and serving the people. These conferences are held in different parts of the country. Gifted teachers focus on teaching principles of worship and leadership and church planting. Participants receive rich teaching and learn to flow in the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.


Thousands of pastors have attended these conferences over the years. The impact is phenomenal! Most of these pastors do not have formal training in Biblical studies and these conferences provide them with the training necessary to carry on their ministry. The worship they experience and the teaching they receive transform and strengthen them. Those who attend the conference are sharing that teaching they are receiving in these conferences helps them preach and minister to their local congregation for several months.

What you can do

This is an excellent opportunity to support a front-line missionary who needs the encouragement and revitalization to carry on the mission. Please join us in the pursuit of the nations to continue the vibrant legacy of missions. Your gift of $40 can help sponsor a pastor to attend the conference. Help the unreached find hope by giving today so that these missionaries can do what they do best: tell people about Jesus.

Our vision is to see India transformed by the love of Christ and true worshipers rise up all over India demolishing all strongholds!

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