Our Ministries

Our vision is to see India transformed by the love of Christ and true worshipers rise up all over India demolishing all strongholds!

Southern Asia Leadership Institute trains and develops Christian workers. The Institute provides three year degree program in theological and leadership studies and two year diploma in theology. The goal is to prepare them as full time Christian workers to serve in their own communities.

Our leadership conferences are designed to provide continuing education; equip and encourage leaders in the field and help them fulfill the ministry in the Lord. These leaders are physically and spiritually refreshed in these three-day conferences and go back to their respective ministry locations strengthened to serve the Lord more effectively.

Our graduates move back to their own communities, furthering the kingdom of God by preaching the Gospel and planting churches in their own villages. They focuses on bringing the message of hope and the liberating truth of the message of Jesus Christ to their communities sharing the good news and building strong communities of faith that continue to grow and multiply.

Every month our volunteer missionaries conduct three days of evangelism outreaches in a village. The missionaries go from house to house, preaching the Gospel to the poor, proclaiming release to the captives, setting free those who are oppressed and lead the people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.