SALI Graduation

Southern Asia Leadership Institute

I am so excited about the vision of Southern Asia Leadership Institute continues to come to pass and take on brick and mortar. The graduation ceremonies that occurred last month marked the 3rd graduation of students to graduate. This year we had seven students graduated after three years of leadership and theological studies and all of them are headed to their home community to pursue ministry opportunities. A tradition that is already been established is the welcoming of previous years graduates to the campus for the graduation festivities and leadership training seminar. This leadership seminar is part of our continued education program for those who are in ministry.

The graduation picture above is Rajesh James, the valedictorian of the year.  Rajesh and his parents were Hindus, he come from a very poor background, his father; a bus driver could hardly support the family.  Few years ago, Rajesh’s mother was bitten by a poisonous snake and she was admitted to the hospital. Just about the same time Rajesh was also admitted to the hospital with hepatitis. Rajesh and his mother were critically ill. However, they were not able to get the necessary treatment because they could not afford to pay the hospital bills. They had no one to turn to or no one to help. After several days, the family came to an agonizing decision to end their life. His father went and bought some poison, Rajesh still remembers his mother in tears. As they were preparing to take the poison, Rajesh’s uncle, who is the only Christian in their whole family, walked in and shared the Gospel with them. This is the first time they are hearing about Jesus. Rajesh and his parents accepted Jesus they were totally both healed. So, I asked Rajesh, why he decided to go into the ministry?  He told me, “I wanted to do something for Him who did miracles in our lives, and saved us when we were about to die”. This young boy, decided to spend the rest of his life serving Jesus who saved him and transformed his life. Rajesh came to us three years ago, we took him in, trained him and discipled him for three years and is entering in Lord’s vineyard’s this year! What a beautiful transformation!

I continue to be amazed by what the Lord is doing in us and through us. The scripture remind us not to despise the small beginnings. This ministry started at a very small level is now bringing many souls to the kingdom and bring glory to the name of our Lord.  I am very mindful that we cannot do this alone and your support and prayers are very essential to fulfill the call on our lives.  I certainly covet your continued prayers for His presence on our life as we follow the vision. I thank God for each of you and make mentions of you in my prayers. Thank you for your support for the next generation of young leaders among the massive harvest in India and your partnership in this ministry!

Abraham Mathew, Founder at India Gospel Mission – SALI

India Gospel Mission – SALI is to train and equip Christian leaders and reach unreached people groups in India through leadership training, conferences, and village outreach.