SALI University – Update

Another academic year is here! Thank you for your continued support for this work of the Lord. We are expecting over fifteen new students this new school year.  They come from different ethnic and language group with a commitment to study the word and serve the people in their community. These students are surrendering the temporary pleasures of life and dedicating their life for things that have eternal value. Most of us are familiar with Jim Elliot’s famous quote, “he is no fool who parts with that which he cannot keep when he is sure to be recompensed with that which he cannot lose.” In 1956, Jim’s conviction was ultimately realized when he was murdered by the Aucan Indians in the jungles of Ecuador. None of us may be murdered because of our faith, but all of us have our faith tested by the pain and loses that we face. I am convinced that our life is a continual surrender of temporary things and I pray for grace that we remain committed for things that last forever. As we receive new students to the campus for three years of training and preparation, let us remember the former graduates for the Lord to use them to bring light to those in darkness.

The SALI Campus now has a new front gate, which was completed as part of the first phase of campus development.  The students will be occupying the new dormitory! I am amazed by what the Lord is doing! All our graduates are on the front line, a shining light to the darkness around, giving hope for the lost and sharing the joy of eternal life. Be encouraged. May God give you the strength to climb the mountain before you and reach your destiny!

Abraham Mathew, Founder at India Gospel Mission – SALI

India Gospel Mission – SALI is to train and equip Christian leaders and reach unreached people groups in India through leadership training, conferences, and village outreach.