Who’s Your Neighbor?


Wanting to justify himself, the lawyer asked Jesus “who’s my neighbor?” Responding to this question, Jesus gave the parable of the Good Samaritan. Certain man fell among thieves on his way from Jerusalem to Jericho. He was stripped of his raiment, and wounded and was left half dead. The road was a steep descent from Jerusalem to Jericho and the most dangerous of Palestine because of robbers infesting the country. The priest and the Levite looked on and passed on the other side. However, a merciful and compassionate Samaritan decided to do something about it. He went to him and bound up his wound, pouring in oil to sooth and wine to heal. He brought him to the in on his own beast and took care of him. He put a deposit with the innkeeper to take care of him and with a promise to come back and repay any leftover portion of the bill. This is the act of mercy showed to the man by his neighbor.

This is the point Christ conveyed by this illustration. Our neighbor is anyone who is in need and whom we have the opportunity to help. I come across so many people in India and most of them are unsaved and each one of them is my neighbor. Here at Southern Asia Leadership Institute, we are in the business of helping our neighbors. Every one of us has the opportunity to help a neighbor. Please join us in this effort and be compassionate and merciful to our neighbors near and far.

Abraham Mathew, Founder at India Gospel Mission – SALI

India Gospel Mission – SALI is to train and equip Christian leaders and reach unreached people groups in India through leadership training, conferences, and village outreach.